Enabling SSL

Enabling SSL is always a bit of an adventure, but it went pretty smoothly this time for https://www.nimblebooks.com.  Two hours of googling, thirty minutes on the phone with customer service.  However, there are still things broken.  I am running a single WP multisite installation and want to have two distinct TLDs: nimblebooks.com and fredzannarbor.com.  I don’t actually need SSL for fredzannarbor.com just yet (no commerce or sensitive info), but things seem to be getting confused when I jump from https:nimblebooks pages to http:fredzannarbor ones because the server is looking for https:fredzannarbor.  Will probably bit the bullet and get an SSL cert for fredzannarbor.com.

Rebooting the Nimble Books website

There have been quite a few transitions in my life since I founded Nimble Books in 2006, and along the way the Nimble Books website got caught in the shuffle. Since I do intend to keep operating Nimble Books for the foreseeable future, I am standing up the website once again.  There is a ton of great content that I had available via previous iterations of the website that I would like to resurrect, but that depends on whether a) I can find my SQL backups (so far, no joy) and b) I can import them successfully (there were non-standard data structures due to plugins). In the meantime, content here will be sparse. I will begin with adding the current front-list books to the online store.