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OPINION (OPI’NION) n.s.[opinion, Fr. opinio, Lat.]1. Perswasion of the mind, without proof or certain knowledge.

Opinion is a light, vain, crude and imperfect thing, settled in the imagination, but never arriving at the understanding, there to obtain the tincture of reason. Ben. Johnson.

Opinion is, when the assent of the understanding is so far gained by evidence of probability, that it rather inclines to one perswasion than to another, yet not altogether without a mixture of incertainty or doubting. Hale.

Stiff in opinion, ever in the wrong. Dryden.

Blest be the princes who have fought For pompous names, or wide dominion, Since by their error we are taught, That happiness is but opinion. Prior.2. Sentiments; judgment; notion.

Can they make it out against the common sense and opinion of all mankind, that there is no such thing as a future state of misery for such as have lived ill here. South.

Charity itself commands us, where we know no ill, to think well of all; but friendship, that always goes a pitch higher, gives a man a peculiar right and claim to the good opinion of his friend. South’s Sermons.

We may allow this to be his opinion concerning heirs, that where there are divers children the eldest son has the right to be heir. Locke.

Philosophers are of opinion, that infinite space is possessed by God’s infinite omnipresence. Locke.

I shall conclude my paper with a story out of Boccalini, which sufficiently shews us the opinion that judicious author entertained of the sort of critics I have been here mentioning. Addison’s Spectator, No. 291.3. Favourable judgment.

In actions of arms small matters are of great moment, especially when they serve to raise an opinion of commanders. Hayward.

Howsoever I have no opinion of those things; yet so much I conceive to be true, that strong imagination hath more force upon things living, than things merely inanimate. Bacon.

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