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PAINTING (PAI’NTING) n.s.[from paint.]1. The art of representing objects by delineation and colours.

If painting be acknowledged for an art, it follows that no arts are without their precepts. Dryden.

’Tis in life as ’tis in painting, Much may be right, yet much be wanting. Prior.2. Picture; the painted resemblance.

This is the very painting of your fear;This is the air-drawn dagger which you said, Led you to Duncan. Shakesp. Macbeth.

Painting is welcome;The painting is almost the natural man:For since dishonour trafficks with man’s nature, He is but outside: pencil’d figures are Ev’n such as they give out. Shakesp. Timon of Athens.3. Colours laid on.

If any such be here That love this painting, wherein you see me smear’d, Let him express his disposition, Shakesp. Coriolanus.

Recent references to PAINTING on Twitter

@ShyamChauras @RailMinIndia Bihar sampark Kranti train is painted by Mithila painting art. very good job. Well done.

@artdealeronline "A woman standing" by Anna Masiul-Gozdecka Anna started to express herself in poetry but since words were not enoug… https://t.co/nzQZV1EJGW

@alisonjardine The Thick of It’ 48"x60" oil on canvas #painting #art . . https://t.co/GQokwsbArX

@DocCrom The wall painting also features a figure of #Bacchus covered in grapes, evoking the fertile soil of #Vesuvius https://t.co/f8WyO9jqtp

@baralex061446 Van Gogh’s confusion show in this painting. If you look hard at it you can see the profile of a man. https://t.co/q6KB1yf9CO

@DanteNevante Painting in geometric shapes plans complex and systems of interacting. https://t.co/grjVDzdsEP https://t.co/NYxA6iYzOk

@debrasdesigns Chinese ink and water painting, Black and white color. Hand art https://t.co/OXTTi39oTq https://t.co/v0oD1PKvrS

@everch4nging turns out i spoiled the da vinci code for myself by having always believed, since childhood, that the person in the… https://t.co/KIR0K1RdK6

@alex_rubiera I’m Alex and I love painting 🎨 #VisibleWoman https://t.co/PRmP9pt3lm

@eridanbot so nirvvana can havve a naked human bein on they covver but i cant havve a PAINTING of a monster wwith no arms an a polka dot tail an wwings

@dazmoll @drawwithsophie @RCA @Tate Keep drawing and painting Sophie ❤

@bbyshin_ i was painting hyunjin but suddenly i wanna paint taehyung n his cute ass two tone hair uwu 💕💞💘💗💘💕

@Obeey_Taanaay Let me actually show you the picture your exes was painting 😏💕

@YvesGuez @kenolin1 @BetoORourke Absolutely. The indefatigable @BetoORourke has been working hard, shaking hands, reassuring… https://t.co/TiBV7kdyEu

@wnkytv @wnkytv @LifeSkillsInc1 Sunrise Spotlight: Bowling Green painting classes https://t.co/qkAqG9Fvdz

@chgowiz @Hastati100 What a wonderful stash that is! Have fun painting all those #osr minis!

@IranLawrence What makes us drawn to a painting. Color is the first attraction in a painting through the eyes. Next we recognize… https://t.co/YfT5BETapQ

@_jerzey4life @Chewy my mother sent you a picture of my baby who sadly passed away for your wall of remembrance, and you sent her… https://t.co/PwilWl9cqA

@afremov_spain THE SYMPHONY OF DANCE – Pintura al oleo de Leonid Afremov https://t.co/4oiBOnCsVt https://t.co/Ltj4bDDjdK

@ArtofMJS It’s important when painting to have a very big mug of tea….Fact. https://t.co/ir1ihJ6uni

Recent references to Samuel Johnson on Twitter

@g8r0014 "patriots". "patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel." – samuel johnson https://t.co/bsI7TtBBof

@BookPostUSA …in regions as varied as Savoie, Normandy, Alsace, Auvergne, & Provence, Kamman shows us the country itself, thru… https://t.co/SVeCrABb3T

@DMCare_ 1900 3vol The Life of Samuel Johnson James Boswell Fine Binding Biography https://t.co/QS9L3QVDPP https://t.co/tLKeo7FtQq

@cruisessydney 1900 3vol The Life of Samuel Johnson James Boswell Fine Binding Biography https://t.co/elEdWeMHtj https://t.co/eK7MQxC12s

@thevofveritamor "Memory is the mother of all wisdom." –Samuel Johnson

@Michael42015527 @haaretzcom This reminds me of what Samuel Johnson once said- "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."

@SocraticTense “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” – Samuel Johnson, 1775 https://t.co/CrgFHTs7Q7

@LawLiberty Were Samuel Johnson alive today, @theodalrymple wonders if he might say "Let lawyer, with extensive view, search vi… https://t.co/ZBQ3nF63AJ

@ReneaCollick Samuel Johnson~ A man may be so much of everything that he is nothing of anything.

@BokangLodges “All travel has its advantages. If the passenger visits better countries, he may learn to improve his own. And if f… https://t.co/CqyaiOXRLS

@OngFine Great works are performed, not by strength, but perseverance. -Samuel Johnson You keep going. That’s the key. And t… https://t.co/YCsy6RXkBS

@emeraldrkesuma "Language is the dress of thought." (Samuel Johnson) ✿⊰✧♡✧⊱✿ #quote #twittbot

@Steenshorne @TomAlmerothW John Jay’s older brother Gusty (Augustus) was described by the American Samuel Johnson as "bird-witted".

@shabegom Your work, Sir, is both new and good, but what is new is not good and what is good is not new. — Samuel Johnson

@Rufferto4Groo To paraphrase Samuel Johnson: a traitor’s last refuge is always the flag.

@Krista_Abbott Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not. ~ Samuel Johnson

@montenegro_emil #ALDUB162ndWeeksary #NeozepHuginhawaALDEN @lynieg88 @wengcookie @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @sherrypie18… https://t.co/WfczhaNaIs

@InspiredMinds77 Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome. – Samuel Johnson

@ianscityscope "Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance." – English author Samuel Johnson

@welfordwrites #quote Allow children to be happy in their own way, for what better way will they find? Samuel Johnson

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