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SUPERFLUOUS (SUPE’RFLUOUS) adj.[super and fluo, Lat. superflu, Fr.]Exuberant; more than enough; unnecessary; offensive by being more than sufficient.

I think it superfluous to use any words of a subject so praised in itself as it needs no praises. Sidney.

When a thing ceaseth to be available unto the end which gave it being, the continuance of it must then appear superfluous. Hooker.

Our superfluous lacqueys and our peasants, Who in unnecessary action swarm About our squares of battle. Shakespeare’s Henry V.

A proper title of a peace, and purchas’d At a superfluous rate. Shakespeare.

As touching the ministring to the saints, it is superfluous to write. Bible2 Cor.ix. i.

Horace will our superfluous branches prune, Give us new rules, and set our harp in tune. Roscommon.

If ye know, Why ask ye, and superfluous begin Your message, like to end as much in vain. Milton.

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@BeevaloB @iowahawkblog There seems to be a lot of superfluous anger out there.

I wonder what is really bothering @AlexanderKoru?

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@PeterKirstein @realDonaldTrump Your majesty: we don’t suspend people or constrict speech based on your definition of patriotism.… https://t.co/SSsfYrq00t

@AsaDeMatteo @realDonaldTrump Patriotism: The last refuge of a scoundrel. ~~Samuel Johnson, the first formal lexicographer of modern English.

@DenisGRANT7 @mmpadellan @realDonaldTrump If you don’t mind a view from over the pond. As Samuel Johnson once said patriotism is… https://t.co/ewBwf9F0wp

@GreatBabyItem 1825 6vols The Works of Samuel Johnson With Murphy’s Essay Robert Lynam Edition https://t.co/k9S4Qo9umR https://t.co/tqdXbjGsIx

@RaspiArduino When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully. — Samuel Johnson

@australian77 1825 11vol The Works of Samuel Johnson Oxford English Classics Lives of Poets https://t.co/N1Pehpp7k2 https://t.co/6SvawgjvJJ

@crobo @realDonaldTrump “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel” – Samuel Johnson.

@AilleneAlbert Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not. – Samuel Johnson


@emeraldrkesuma "Language is the dress of thought." (Samuel Johnson) ✿⊰✧♡✧⊱✿ #quote #twittbot

@mrlantern "When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life" – Samuel Johnson #buckinghampalace https://t.co/GOGgoUQZ9C

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@montenegro_emil #ALDUBContentedHearts #VMHammerman @lynieg88 @wengcookie @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @ALDUBThess16 @sherrypie18… https://t.co/gCL0yYNiO1

@montenegro_emil #ALDUBContentedHearts #VMHammerman @lynieg88 @wengcookie @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @ALDUBThess16 @sherrypie18… https://t.co/Bb02tM0Ol5

@montenegro_emil #ALDUBContentedHearts #VMHammerman @lynieg88 @wengcookie @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @ALDUBThess16 @sherrypie18… https://t.co/xlGYNSnGIg

@MrSandwichful Dwayne Johnson is replacing Samuel L. Jackson by being in every film. He needs to chill

@montenegro_emil #ALDUBContentedHearts #VMHammerman @lynieg88 @wengcookie @pinkyfaye @salvadortrish21 @ALDUBThess16 @sherrypie18… https://t.co/JLStIlggNN

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