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SAND (SAND) n.s.[sand, Danish and Dutch.]1. Particles of stone not conjoined, or stone broken to powder.

That finer matter called sand, is no other than very small pebbles. Woodward.

Here i’ th’ sands Thee I’ll rake up, the post unsanctified. Shakes. K. Lear.

Hark, the fatal followers do pursue!The sands are number’d that make up my life:Here must I stay, and here my life must end. Shak. H. VI.

Sand hath always its root in clay, and there be no veins of sand any great depth within the earth. Bacon.

Calling for more paper to rescribe, king Philip shewed him the difference betwixt the ink box and sand box. Howel.

If quicksilver be put into a convenient glass vessel, and that vessel exactly stopped, and kept for ten weeks in a sand furnace, whose heat may be constant, the corpuscles that constitute the quicksilver will, after innumerable revolutions, be so connected to one another, that they will appear in the form of a red powder. Boyle.

Engag’d with money bags, as bold As men with sand bags did of old. Hudibras.

The force of water casts gold out from the bowels of mountains, and exposes it among the sands of rivers. Dryden.

Shells are found in the great sand pit at Woolwich. Woodw.

Celia and I, the other day, Walk’d o’er the sand hills to the sea. Prior.2. Barren country covered with sands.

Most of his army being slain, he, with a few of his friends, sought to save themselves by flight over the desert sands. Knolles.

Her sons spread Beneath Gibraltar to the Lybian sands. Milton.

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