Samuel Johnson WOTD PORPHYRE

PORPHYRE (PORPHYRE) PORPHYRY (PO’RPHYRY) n.s.[Gr.poqutqa; porphyrites, Lat. porphyre, Fr.] Marble of a particular kind.

I like best the porphyry, white or green marble, with a mullar or upper stone of the same. Peacham on Drawing.

Consider the red and white colours in porphyre; hinder light but from striking on it, its colours vanish, and produce no such ideas in us; but upon the return of light, it produces these appearances again. Locke.

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@ReneaCollick Samuel Johnson~ Classical quotation is the parole of literary men all over the world.

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@ppockras @ChortlesWeakly Hmm. Should be "Froot Groop". Why yield to societal orthographic norms? Why be bound to elitist Samuel Johnson?

@scottytaco @RedTRaccoon @Pondster09 “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man” – Samuel Johnson

@DarrelHofland I am sorry God that I forgot my prayers but remembered my breakfast.

Samuel Johnson

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@QuteChrissy I am sorry God that I forgot my prayers but remembered my breakfast.

Samuel Johnson

@FrelanceWkGuide It is better to suffer wrong than to do it, and happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust. – Samuel Johnson

@ynuoau16glr__ Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea. Samuel Johnson

@DrRamPeddada Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance. Samuel Johnson

@Thor_2000 In order that all men may be taught to speak truth, it is necessary that all likewise should learn to hear it. – Samuel Johnson

@anna_maslova647 Samuel Johnson A man may be so much of everything that he is nothing of anything. yep

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@barnacoyle @RuthieFizz As Samuel Johnson would have said, had he thought about it, a person tired of otters is tired of life.

@emiroluz “He that would pass the latter part of life with honor and decency must, when he is young, consider that he shall o…

@Arslaa This is my history; like all other histories, a narrative of misery. – Johnson, Samuel #quote

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