Samuel Johnson WOTD: PROBOSCIS

PROBOSCIS (PROBO’SCIS) n.s.[proboscis, Lat.]A snout; the trunk of an elephant; but it is used also for the same part in every creature, that bears any resemblance thereunto.

The elephant wreath’d to make them sport His lithe proboscis. Milton.

Your poem sunk, And sent in quires to line a trunk:If still you be dispos’d to rhyme, Go try your hand a second time. Swift.5.  [Trompe, Fr.]The proboscis of an elephant, or other animal.

It hath a rose-shaped flower, consisting of several leaves, which are placed circularly; out of whose cup arises the pointal, ending in a proboscis, which afterwards turns to a roundish fruit, which is channelled, generally umbellated, and consisting of five cells, which are commonly full of small seeds. Miller.

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