Samuel Johnson WOTD is SWEARER (with bonus: OBTEST)

SWEARER (SWE’ARER) n.s.[from swear.] A wretch who obtests the great name wantonly and profanely.

And must they all be hang’d that swear and lie? ———— Every one. ———— Who must hang them? ———— Why, the honest men. —— Then the liars and swearers are fools; for there are liars and swearers enow to beat the honest men and hang them up.Shak.

Take not his name, who made thy mouth, in vain:It gets thee nothing, and hath no excuse: Lust and wine plead a pleasure, avarice a gain; But the cheap swearer through his open sluice Lets his soul run for nought. Herbert.

Of all men a philosopher should be no swearer; for an oath, which is the end of controversies in law, cannot determine any here, where reason only must induce. Brown.

It is the opinion of our most refined swearers, that the same oath or curse cannot, consistently with true politeness, be repeated above nine times in the same company by the same person. Swift’s Polite Conversation.

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