Nimble Books, the leading publisher of books about torpedo boats …

I learned today that my great uncle Chester served on PT boats during World War II. This was an unexpected bit of synchronicity as my company Nimble Books has the distinction of being one of the leading publishers of books about torpedo boats, PT boats, and motor torpedo boats (MTBs), with 27 titles in print at Amazon and on my website.

I loved this little market for quite a while, but eventually felt I had done all I could do for  a niche audience that is graying and tends to be a bit contentious.  There are no new torpedo boats, and although there have been quite a few missile boats built in the postwar era, they never had quite the  flair of MTBs, and have become less and less survivable in an era of abundant fixed and rotary wing craft and guided missiles.

I still have two beautiful illustrations of torpedo boats by the late Joe Hinds hanging in my living room.

Joe Hinds


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